“Friends, Romans and Countrymen … “

by elisobservations

We’ve all read and seen disaster stories in which some courageous nitwit ignores safety and gets himself trapped in a crevasse (or use your own disaster here). He soon realizes he must find a way out or he will surely die or at the very least, miss the next installment of “Downton Abbey.”

Like many people, I find myself fascinated by these kinds of stories. Looking at the hero, I found myself saying “this guy must be liberal!” Liberals are people who are willing to sacrifice a lot of reality for a grand gesture.

President Obama is currently facing that choice between large political gestures or pain and suffering on the other hand. He is being nipped at by some of his most ardent supporters from the past because he has failed to fulfill all or even most of his campaign promises.

Of course, to carry all of those promises out would be impossible. But still, civil rights groups, the environmental crowd, the gender crowd and the disarmament crowd are each beginning to say “Where’s the beef?”

Did you ever try making a burger with one hand? That is the predicament of our present President. Each new attack or demand ties at least one of his hands behind his back while he tries to deal with it or explain it.

The demands of these pressure groups (well-meaning though they are) are based on an unreasonable expectation and an unreasonable timetable. The liberals and progressives should pause to ask themselves the question so dear to Republican hearts, “What would Jesus do?” More to the point, what would President Mitt Romney do? Or President Gingrich? Or even scarier, what would President Rick Sanctimonious do? I urge them to take a deep breath and then decide to help the President to avoid some of the pitfalls he’s facing every day. At this point, President Obama doesn’t need more critics, he needs more help.