What’s The Rush?

by elisobservations

Aesop must have met some ancient Republicans while he was working on his fables. In them there was a fox who announced that he could not reach the grapes overhead but that they must have been sour anyway. Some GOP leaders seem to have been hanging around the same grape vineyard. Karl Rove couldn’t admit that the better man won, or even that the better ideas won. Or that his own multi-million dollar propaganda effort seems not to have swayed the voters one bit.

The Faux News Channel finally admitted the loss with a not-too-subtle message that either the public got it wrong or their candidate did. Most seemed to blame it on Romney. He lacked the skills that George W. had of choosing some big, big lies and sticking with them consistently. W. knew the virtue of consistency, if not honesty. Limbaugh dismissed the GOP candidate as if he had never heard of him before.

It’s a shame that people like Rove or Limbaugh won’t ever run for office themselves. What a target Limbaugh would have made for satirists! Picture “The Great White Whale” or perhaps headlines like “The Fat is in the Fire” or “The Mouth That Roars.” We can only dream of such things because these “pundits” will never run the risk of putting themselves before the public. Besides, he already has an audience (strangely known as “Dittoheads”) who live for his every tirade.

Rush and his imitators offer this audience endless, mindless anger. Their listeners are frustrated citizens who are angry at anyone who looks differently, thinks differently, or acts differently. They’re not going to be discouraged by election results or persuaded by logic. This group (mostly older white men) may just have to die and go to Haters’ Heaven before Rush runs out of listeners.

But we should not get too comfortable listening to NPR about our victories. The Limbaughs and Koch Brothers are still out there working hard to undermine everything we’ve done. The Barbarians are still at the gate, and it’s time for us to get back to work.