Just Two More

by elisobservations

Way back when, I still thought of a tea party as a harmless pastime for little girls. The only people in robes who worried me were in the white ones with pointed hoods. But recently, I’ve learned to fear the guys in black robes because their target isn’t a bank, it’s the progress we’ve made in the 20th Century.

Butch Scalia, Two-Gun Thomas, and Alley-Oop Alito are fixing to shoot holes in the Bill of Rights. Right now, they’re taking aim at reproductive rights and consumer rights, and they’ve already blasted a huge hole in our political rights with the People United decision. This election has shown that every man in the country who’s got a million dollars can run for the Senate but he hasn’t got a chance against the Karl Rove gang who’ll be packing ten or twenty million, or whatever it takes. And all that the Scalia gang needs to get rolling are two more sidekicks. Once they get those two seats on the Supreme Court, what’s going to stop them?

This judicial/political takeover is barely noticed by our voters because our famous free press is busy on important stuff. Most of our “journalists” cover politics as if it were a sport. Who won that second debate? Who scored with that new TV spot? Who’s behind in what market, and by how many points? And who has the most charismatic family, or, failing that, a pick-up truck and a cute dog?

But wait — what about all those hard-hitting questions and interviews on the Sunday talk shows? Won’t they expose the dangers ahead? Folks, there’s not a politician running for dog catcher who hasn’t figured out how to handle an interview, whether it’s David Gregory or David Letterman. 1.) Ignore the question and deliver your talking points. 2.) Repeat the process but stretch it out. Throw in an occasional appropriate chuckle. 3.) Run the clock out — they’ll never lay a glove on you.

So don’t wait for our free press to sound the alarm. Our press isn’t a watch dog. It’s a show dog. Remember, the Gang in Black is getting near the ranch. In fact, they’re only two seats away.