Hiding In Plain Sight

by elisobservations

Anyone who watches a few police dramas knows the expression ‘hiding in plain sight.’ It’s a little like blending in. If you saw a crowd of, say, postal workers, all in uniform and a fugitive in the same uniform was among them, no one would see him. Mitt Romney is doing a reverse: we see him campaigning but we don’t see or hear his campaign.

It’s easy for the Mittster to stand out at a campaign rally: usually in a white shirt, smiling and grimacing wildly. But when he leaves, nobody can remember what he said or why he came. That’s exactly what our own mini-Mitterand wants: ‘don’t judge me by what I’ve said or done, but what I say I’m going to do.’

“Did he say he was for Obamacare,” asked a man in a send back Barack t-shirt! “Or is he against it?”

“I thought he said he was against Romneycare … ”

Things Mitt says he’ll do reflect the grandiosity and fake machismo Republicans have all embraced lately. Romney will cut the federal deficit while increasing defense spending by 50%! He’ll also tell the Chinese to stop manipulating their currency! Oh, can’t you see Chinese leaders quaking in their boots when President Mitt issues that demand?

Looking back, we probably owe Newt Gingrich an apology. When he described the executive order the President Gingrich would issue on Day One and so on, repealing the law of gravity, outlawing global warming and choosing the drapes for the Oval Office, we laughed. “Presumably, on the seventh day, He would have rested.”

We all assumed Newt was a nut but now we realize he’s just a Republican, with the usual delusions. Not so with Romney. He knows who calls the shots: billionaires like the Koch Brothers. Mitt’s goal is to tip-toe past the sleeping middle class, while throwing just enough raw meat to the GOP base to keep them frothing at the mouth against Obama.

Will Romney’s non-campaign work? It shouldn’t, unless voters are too busy watching Spike TV and The Bachelorette. (Doesn’t that word sound like a tiny apartment with a built-in microwave and a fridge?) The apathetic, uninformed voter often decides elections and that sliver will be bombarded with misleading ads courtesy of Karl Rove and his billionaire buddies. This election may be the first to put a dollar figure on a vote. No matter what, the Koch brothers still think it’s a steal. They end up with The White House.