Onward and Downward

by elisobservations

At least one of our readers is worried that I’m not going to critique the State of the Union Address, and she’s right. Being urged to do so is like being invited to a buffet that’s surrounded by ravenous hyenas, that is, our so-called “journalists” who have nibbled it to death and then gone back to their normal diet of half-dead Republican candidates.

It was a good speech, as good as it could be, when the President and most of his listeners knew the Republicans would go right back to their Three B’s, blockade, blackmail and bluster.

Just as the press never seems to recall who created this economic mess (Bush) they ignore the reasons Obama couldn’t do much about it: Mitch (“Stonewall”) McConnell and his gang of loudmouth obstructionists.

Remember the scene outside the Capitol with chants of “Kill the Bill?” Frathouse politics at its worst. Yet David Brooks writes in the Times that the President should have offered big, bold ideas. His reputation for wisdom baffles me.

So for us, is it back to the “biggest losers” (aka the GOP candidates who never saw an issue they couldn’t trivialize?) No, I’m going to revisit an issue that in “Heroes Welcome” (1/24/12) resonated with a lot of our readers, namely that we’ve damaged countless young men and women whom we’ve turned into cannon fodder and abandoned. Three comments from readers follow, each eloquent in its own way.

From Patrice Gallagher: “AMEN!!”

From Al Schmidt: “We must worry that an unthinking electorate might repeat 2010. Strange that we blue collar types should become “elitist.” I never thought that I would, and I suspect you feel the same way.”

From Walt Abbot: “John, as part of my volunteer activities, I’ve been mentoring military spouses, active duty personell, and vets. I strongly concur that the U.S. owes them practical medical services, and especially mental health service. I can relate to that driver veering into the middle of the road. When I returned from Vietnam, I reacted to sirens as if I was still back there … it is a disgrace that [our military] can’t get the help they need because the same war mongers now crusade for debt reductions partially on the backs of those who served.”

Let’s all try to remember this when “chicken hawks” like Dick Cheney start beating the drums for another war and calling Obama “weak.” Where will they try to entangle us next?