Heroes Welcome

by elisobservations

Good news! Mitt Romney is going to make America strong again! And proud! Something about “a shining city on a hill?” Or is that just an oil refinery? Of course, Gingrich and the other clowns all squeal “me too, me too, more guns, more bombs!” And they attack President Obama for ending our war in Iraq! They tell us “we must make sure that our heroes didn’t die in vain.”

Two images in recent news coverage have stayed in my mind: a female soldier back from one of our oil wars who has trouble driving back in her hometown. She constantly veers out of her lane to the middle of the road because the enemy always planted its bombs along the side of it. She cannot leave that enemy behind. She has panic attacks.

Second image: four of our Marines urinating on the corpses of enemy fighters. Now we will all go “tsk tsk” and assume they’ll be punished for their brutish behavior. They will. But we won’t do anything for them or for that traumatized driver. Mental health care? Budget cuts, you know! Tough luck.

All of these young people have been raised as cannon fodder. Our education system probably ranks 23rd in the world. The jobs have gone to China or been driven down to minimum wage by “creative Capitalism,” leaving them no alternatives. But we’ve still got a deal for you, young fella. Sign up for one of our wars. Become a hero!

Now don’t beat yourself up about this, dear reader! Nor can we just blame the corrupted politicians nor the TV journalists who cover war as if it were a spectator sport. Take Woodward and Bernstein’s advice: “follow the money.” That money trail leads right to the defense contractors and oil barrons and their servants, like Dick Cheney, Bush’s VP. You’ll recall that war hawk who dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War. That’s not blood on Cheney’s shoes, that’s oil.