by elisobservations

I thought I’d left the “sliver” image behind forever in Iowa, but the Republican sliver candidates keep refusing to form a single dark cloud of political menace. They could probably turn a giant redwood into sawdust!

Enough of our readers have expressed concern – even dread – about the specter of Romtorumperrypaulrich ending up in the White House. So I want to remind them that the only thing big about the slivers bouncing around South Carolina are their mouths.

Take the “front-runner” Mitt Willard Romney, who seems bent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. He says he enjoys firing people and claims he made just a little money from his speeches ($350,000!) He added proudly that his tax rate is 15%, not counting loopholes. To paraphrase Ann Richards on George Bush, poor Mitt can’t help saying those dumb things because he was “born with a silver foot in his mouth.”

Then riding out of the West on his great horse SUPER PAC came Rick Perry to announce that our ally Turkey is a terrorist state and should be isolated. He then fell off his horse and announced he might be withdrawing from the race. If stupidity were contagious, Perry would have to be quarantined. As for Ron Paul, no one need fear this slightly daffy old fellow, though I would keep sharp objects out of his reach. Santorum? Jimmy Carter could have told him that no one wearing a sweater ever gets elected president.

Which leaves scary little Newt! He is a little scary, and a splinter of South Carolina may go for him. But I don’t believe America is ready to elect a pitbull president. So let’s keep our cool and keep fighting for progressive candidates, starting with Obama.