Ten Questions About the Gingrich Campaign

by elisobservations

1.) Did Newt’s parents name him after the legendary scientist Isaac Newton or the Nabisco fig cookie?

2.) Since Speaker Gingrich successfully shut down the House of Representatives in 1995, why doesn’t he just show Speaker Boehner where the on/off switch is and save us all a lot of time?

3.) If Newt is not a lobbyist, not a politician, not a military man, and not a bureaucrat, does he have any kind of experience in running a government??

4.) Why did President Obama send a generous contribution to Gingrich’s primary campaign?

5.) Why does Callista look like a 1948 Breck shampoo ad?

6.) Is it true Newt has plans to redesign Mt. Rushmore with Nixon, Reagan, Cheney and him? (Of course not! Nixon was a damned liberal!)

7.) Newt is currently on wife number three and has already married Protestants and a Roman Catholic. If there’s a Mrs. Gingrich number four, will she be Jewish? Mormon?

8.) If Newt is so smart, why has he never been on Jeopardy?

9.) Newt has said that the Palestinians are a “made-up people.” What’s his feeling about the Greco-Romans? Austro-Hungarians? Serbo-Croatian? Tea Party Republicans?

10.) Newt claims to have written 23 books. But Dick Armey says he co-wrote “Contract With America” with Gingrich. William R. Forstchen is listed as co-author on several of Newt’s books. If Gingrich is elected in 2012, will Forstchen serve as co-President?