Crass Warfare

by elisobservations

I’m confused by labels the Republicans now throw around when the trigger word ‘taxes’ pops up.  Are billionaires now members of the middle class?  How about people who are multi-millionaires?  And what about the one in five people in America now listed as living below the poverty line? Do they retain some kind of honorary middle class status?

Of course, Mitt Romney muddied the waters recently as he flailed about trying to suck up to the Tea Party.  Mitt the Flexible now claims corporations are people, too.  Does that make Bank of America a middle class American?  Is Mobil-Exxon just another victim of class warfare?  And how do we classify the 535 public servants in Congress?  Most of them are millionaires. By today’s standards that’s bare-bones for qualifying for Working Class!  Except none of them do a lick of work for the public they don’t serve.

If taxes on rich people are ‘war’ what is war on the rest of us? Funding cuts in education? In food safety? In health care? In public transportation and our roads and bridges that are crumbling? Isn’t all that war on the middle class? No, that’s ‘deficit reduction.’

Don’t you ever wish you were a corporation?

Where do you stand on the phony class warfare Boehner loves to talk about? What’s your class? How classy are the GOP Tea Baggies?